Our Expertise

We understand that every client and project is unique so we work with you to design or analyse the brief, using our knowledge of the industry to guide you and create clarity around the project. 

We specialise in creating robust websites that are sustainable and accessible for all. We see each step of the processes as equality significant and utilise our expertise in strategy, design and development to ensure a positive experience and ultimately an optimised product is delivered. 

We offer the following services to take you all the way from planning to launch and beyond.

  • Audit and Advice

    Whether we’re building something entirely new together or improving what you’re already working with, a thorough scoping and mapping out of how you want your platform to perform is central to our practice. 

    This may be a rigorous audit that identifies clear ways you can improve your existing site’s performance, or advising on how content could be best shared for maximum exposure through search engine rankings or engagement on social.

    With any project we take the role of your independent digital advisor, available to answer any questions, troubleshoot and make recommendations on the most appropriate tech to use to solve your challenges. 

  • UX and Strategy

    Our experience in creating digital platforms has given us insights across diverse industries, sectors and audiences.

    We are always looking to learn something new when it comes to user behaviour, and seek opportunities to gain these insights that lead to effective strategies. To do this we host discovery workshops and conduct thorough user research. Armed with this data, we then design information architecture and create meaningful user journeys that truly resonate.

  • Websites

    A website isn’t a digital brochure, it’s a powerful and dynamic tool that communicates your business offering. 

    Its return on investment should be as worthwhile as hiring a new member of staff. In fact just like a new colleague your website will evolve over time to acquire new capabilities. It may simply need new pages added to reflect a growing offering, or it might need to integrate with external services, like CRMs or payment providers. 

    Whatever lies ahead, you can be assured that we build with your future in mind. We create reusable blocks as building components – giving users simple drag and drop options. This gives you full control over every piece of content, and the ability to easily update pages and create new ones in a matter of minutes. 

    If you anticipate more involved updates to add functionality, we can build you a development framework – so you’re clear on the steps to get there when the time comes.

  • Sustainability

    Sustainability is a key consideration throughout our design and build process. There are three key stakeholders in a sustainable website; your business, your clients and the environment and through optimal design we aim to benefit each of them.

    We only design elements that have distinct purpose and function, avoiding cumbersome and unnecessary clutter like unused assets or running processes. We use video sparingly, embed where necessary and remove auto play. Restraint and low resolution make a huge difference. We take into account specific user interaction and design for streamlined navigation, the less time needed to find what you are looking for on the website, the more energy efficient. Optimisation and speed are key considerations during the build resulting in light, fast, efficient and eco friendly sites.

    Our hosting packages include “Green Hosting”. An important factor in running a sustainable website is utilising a hosting service that runs on sustainable and clean energy.

  • Accessibility

    There are over 14 million people living with disabilities in the UK – this equates to one in five of us. According to the latest data, many UK websites are still failing to cater to the needs of those with sensory, cognitive or motor impairments by not being fully accessible. We see this as a huge opportunity for change in our industry. 

    Making websites and mobile apps accessible helps everyone, because good web accessibility = good user experience. It also makes the digital space a more democratic one which we believe is critical.

    Standards now put in place bring together web development with universally accepted protocols on accessibility. We are proud to offer our expertise in both creating accessible content, and in the technical aspects involved in meeting all WCAG 2.1 AA accessibility requirements. 

  • E-commerce platforms

    Whether you’re creating a new online store or wanting to review and improve your existing platform, we can help. We use powerful data-gathering software including Google Analytics to analyse traffic, social media interactions and audience demographics to give us an informed position to build from. 

    Once we’ve developed a strategy together with you, we build according to your requirements – from small and beautifully simple all the way up to a complex online marketplace. Whatever the scale, you can be assured we subscribe to the best in security, protecting your valued customers and ensuring them a seamless shopping experience.

  • SEO and digital marketing

    We develop every website to be search engine optimised so that you can be found easily by your target audience. We work with specialists who bring together expertise in accessibility and SEO to meet the latest Google SERP requirements to ensure your site has maximum visibility in search engine results. 

    We also work with you to develop relevant content and a link building strategy that establishes you as an experienced and trustworthy authority.

  • Content management

    A website is just one part of your digital, and non-digital, communication with the wider world. You will likely have mailers, social media and possibly events to think about too. Having a content strategy in place makes sure your brand and mission gets across multiple channels consistently to whoever you’re trying to reach.

    The content itself is a key part of this. It should be effective in growing your engagement and revenue. We can help you define its success, audit existing work and advise on improvements, before looking at content delivery and how to get the greatest return.

  • Green hosting and web care plans

    Green web hosting means we place a high level of importance on being eco-friendly and  addressing environmental issues. We do so by investing in carbon offsetting schemes such as Ecologi and using a cloud hosting provider that is carbon neutral. This means that for every unit of energy they use, they pay to generate the same amount of energy (or sometimes more) from renewables, and pump that into the grid.
    We do not compromise with our hosting and web care plans. Our hosting provider is an industry leader, with the price tag to prove it, and our websites are continuously monitored, updated and optimised to remain at peak performance for years on end.
  • Support system

    Relationships shouldn’t end with a project’s delivery, and we’re happy to say that some of our clients have become partners we work with long term. 

    We get to know your goals, your users’ needs and so often we become a natural extension of your team – either in a purely advisory role, or supporting with ad-hoc development work.

    You can count on us to be your trusted provider, here to think through the next moves with you. 

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