Minority Rights Group

Minority Rights Group International (MRG) campaigns worldwide with almost 300 partners in 60 countries to ensure that disadvantaged minorities and indigenous peoples can make their voices heard.

The brief

MRG required a highly sophisticated digital platform to support the crucial initiatives undertaken by this NGO. The comprehensive platform encompasses donation facilities, jobs and opportunities, and serves as a repository for essential resources, such as programs, publications, advocacy materials, legal cases, consultancies, and training and education resources.

The challenge

A vast array of documents, publications, resources, and information needed meticulous cataloging and organization to enhance accessibility. The migration of content from a theme builder to a custom framework added complexity to the process.

The project required utmost sensitivity in handling language, imagery, and style, especially considering the diverse perspectives of minority groups. Collaboration with numerous stakeholders was crucial to ensure that the needs of all parties involved were effectively addressed.

Balancing the creation of a sustainable website with impactful imagery while minimizing data usage was a key consideration to guarantee widespread access and inclusivity. The challenge was to strike a harmonious balance between visually compelling content and the practicalities of ensuring broad accessibility.

Our role

We took the lead in the project and collaborated with Brand Ethos for design and branding enhancements. Our responsibility involved constructing a completely new website from the ground up, taking into account intricate considerations for functionality and user experience. We conducted an extensive discovery session with the MRG team and stakeholders, organising workshops to understand audience needs and unravel the intricate web of diverse content types, connecting them to various verticals like regions, countries, and communities, plus aligning with audience objectives.


The outcome

In January 2024, after an extensive user testing acceptance phase, we launched the website with a truly intricate filtration and search system, that allowed audiences of all types to enjoy multiple clear paths across the site. Whether it was through the mega menu, the interactive search functionality or the multi-selection e-commerce style filters, users were spoilt for ways to explore.

Moreover, we built an interactive globe of the world to add a visual search element that facilitated a deep dive into the directory of all regions, countries and communities across the globe from a single entry point.

Hertech also offered a range of complementary services that contributed to the effectiveness of this vital work, including sustainable design, digital accessibility enhancements, UX/UI optimisation, and strategic digital advice. The integrated donation platform ensures a seamless user experience, facilitating both one-time and recurring donations with ease, thereby further empowering the organisation’s mission.