Southall Black Sisters

Introducing an accessible website that seamlessly integrates a resource hub, e-commerce capabilities and a dedicated members area.

The brief

Southall Black Sisters required an updated website to amplify and support the advice, advocacy and help they have been offering African Caribbean and Asian women around gender related violence.

Our process

We collaborated closely with the client to rejuvenate their brand identity and establish comprehensive accessibility guidelines. Through immersive discovery and UX workshops, we gained profound insights into their target audiences. Extensive user testing ensured a robust user experience for each group. We fostered a collaborative environment by co-designing wireframes with the team, allowing them to actively participate in the creative process. Recognising the team’s limited time availability, we implemented efficient feedback channels, facilitating swift communication


Our approach involved merging three unique user demographics into one cohesive platform. We prioritised legibility and clarity with specific signposting, ensuring that each user had a clear and straightforward journey throughout the platform. We simplified the donation journey to increase conversion and implemented easy to use form builders to help navigate the plethora of applications required for women with no recourse to receive financial aid.

The outcome

We established successful brand refresh, infusing it with a clean and modern aesthetic while strategically utilising colour to effectively distinguish and guide the three distinct user groups. Leveraging analytics and prioritising accessibility, we simplified signposting and optimised the user experience, resulting in an intuitive and user-friendly interface that caters to all individuals involved. Additionally, we seamlessly integrated the store with the website, eliminating the previous separation and providing a unified and cohesive online experience.


Working with Hertech to create our new website was a great experience. They worked with us to achieve our goals and the end product is easy to use for our staff as well as visitors to the website. We are very pleased with our new website, which not only looks beautiful but serves as a useful tool which has enabled us to improve the way we share and highlight information about our mission and our work.

Karishma Dharni, Head of Operations