Thirty Percy

Building a platform for a grant-making foundation that invites the exploration of innovative ideas.

The brief

To build a small but dynamic website which would act as a digital home for an innovative new funding organisation. Something that reflected the foundation’s personality and felt great to use.

Our role

Our partners Brand Ethos took care of branding and design this time, so we got really stuck into the technical side of things. With this new way of partnering, we took extra care in adjusting to their workflow

We had to align our development role to fit seamlessly within our external partner’s framework and create a cohesive team.



Adjusting our mindset around how a typical organisation’s website should function was a welcomed challenge. Applying a more experiential approach to the construction and handling non-dynamic elements such as hexagons was a great takeaway to have in our toolbox.


“We worked with Farrah over a number of months to go from zero to something special with our website. Farrah and her team did a great job in supporting us – and going the extra mile, including with all the less glamorous but important operational aspects.”

Jen Hooke, CEO, Thirty Percy